14. German-Japanese Economic Forum at Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe, Online

Industry 4.0 and AI: Challenges for SME in Japan and Germany (Online Event)

What is Artificial Intelligence? How can I use it sensibly in my company? And what added value does it bring? These questions are on the minds of German and Japanese SMEs alike. The potential increase in efficiency and cost savings through automation and digitization of processes are offset by the initially high investment costs. There are also data security issues to consider.

This time, the German-Japanese Business Forum focused on the challenges and opportunities of IoT and AI, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Löwen (Siemens AG/Platform Industrie 4.0) and Naoaki Fujino, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. / Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT Initiative) presented results of a joint analysis on digital platforms in the manufacturing industry and their impact on a platform economy.

In an exciting panel discussion, representatives of German and Japanese SMEs (DMG Mori, Sennheiser, DHOWA Technos) and the European Industry 4.0 Transformation Center of RWTH Aachen University discussed the potential of digitalization in SMEs, innovative solutions and the role of employees. It became clear here: a change in "mindset" is crucial, both at the management level and among employees.

The two parts of the forum were realized as an online event as part of the "Industrial Transformation Channel" at Hannover Messe. There were 275 participants at the event, about half of whom were from Japan.



The recording of the livestream will be available on demand from 19.04.2021 at: