GJETC Outreach, Apr 2018


"The Importance of International Cooperation under Disruptive Changes:
Recommendations and Lessons Learnt from a Fruitful German-Japanese Dialogue on the Energy Transition"

GJETC Outreach, 20th April 2018

In the face of the paltry ambitious global implementation of the Paris Agreement the vivid – and sometimes also controversial dialogue – of leading industrial nations such as Germany and Japan is even more important. Concerning the area of climate and resource protection cooperative knowledge exchange can speed up developments.

Since its foundation in May 2016, the German-Japanese Energy Transition Council (GJETC) has been working on strategic and systemic analysis to develop policy advice for new and long-term perspectives on the way to an ambitious energy transition.

Common challenges have been identified and differences in perception, notions and framework conditions have been discussed.

The GJETC is an experiment on the intensification of bi-national scientific dialogues. This experiment is based on the conviction that joint solutions can be found, but only if diverging interests, motivations and values of the partners are transparent, clearly articulated and mutually respected.

The members and supporters of the Council are going to share their experiences and recommendations and discuss the pros and cons for such binational institutions as well as ideas for future endeavors.


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