- Tokyo

7. GJETC Council Meeting & Outreach Event, 2019

GJETC Outreach Management Options for Unbundled & Secure Electricity Markets with Growing Shares of Renewable Energy

Webinar: Clean Coal Technologies in Japan, 2019


13. German-Japanese Economic Forum, 2019

- Berlin

6. Council Meeting GJETC, 2019

"How to digitize the Energy Transition"
GJETC establishes new working group on Digitization

- Tokio

5. Council Meeting GJETC, 2018

Second Phase of the German-Japanese Cooperation Council for Energy Transition (GJETC)

- Tokyo

Stadtwerke Symposium, 2018

"The Future of Stadtwerke - New Business Models in the Age of Digitalization"

- Tokyo

GJETC Outreach, Sep 2018

"The Importance of International Cooperation under Disruptive Changes"
Recommendations and Lessons Learnt from a Fruitful German-Japanese Dialogue on the Energy Transition

30 Years ECOS

After its first steps as technology projector, ECOS Consult has, since its founding in 1988, developed itself into a unique specialist for German-Japanese cooperation in environmental and energy engineering in Germany. More than 80 guests participated in the celebration of the anniversary.

12. German-Japanese Economic Forum, 2018

Decarbonisation of mobility - hydrogen, digitization and e-mobility as a solution?