Photonics and Sensing Innovations from Thuringia and Berlin. Potential for Cooperation

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Delegation from Thuringia to the OPIE in Yokohama

On April 25, ECOS organized a workshop at the OPTICS & PHOTONICS International Exhibition (OPIE) on the occasion of a delegation visit from Thuringia, led by Minister for Economic Affairs, Science and Digital Society, Wolfgang Tiefensee. The workshop on "Photonics and Sensing Innovations from Thuringia and Berlin“ was followed by a networking reception hosted by the State of Thuringia and the Capital Region of Germany, represented by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, the Economic Development Agency of Berlin State. The participants engaged in talks with the speakers from the workshop and the exhibitors of the joint Pavilion of Thuringia and Berlin.

Furthermore, ECOS organized an exclusive business dinner for Thuringia State on April 23, again in presence of Minister Tiefensee. With representatives from 20 renown companies and institutions in Japan, the fruitful conversations on opportunities for growth, innovation and collaboration showed potential for future cooperations.