Smart Community Projekt Speyer

Kick-off für Smart-Community-Demonstrationsprojekt in Speyer, 17. September 2015

NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) and City of Speyer are launching a smart community demonstration project at two apartment buildings.

Auf gute Zusammenarbeit: NEDO-Geschäftsführer Dr. Hiroshi Kuniyoshi, OB Hansjörg Eger und SWS-Geschäftsführer Wolfgang Bühring (von links) präsentieren die Absichtserklärung. Bild: SWS

How can self-produced solar energy be used as efficiently as possible with an intelligent energy management? This question is the focus of a three-year project in Speyer, whose results are intended to be used for industrial purposes. Launched in September 2015, it is financed with 20 million euros by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), which is part of the Japanese Ministry of Economics. ECOS Consult coordinates a part of the project. Other partners are the city of Speyer, the municipalities SWS and the housing association GEWO mbH.

The project: GEWO's twoapartment buildings are used to test technologies that enable the construction of a self-consumption model. The aim is to establish a stable system, to better control the return flow of PV electricity generation and to reduce the housing energy costs. For this purpose, electricity is generated on the roof of the buildings by means of photovoltaics. The basement contains both a battery for storing the excess PV electricity for low-sun periods, as well as a heat pump for the use of the self-generated electricity for heating and domestic hot water heating. In one of the buildings with 16 parties, a central battery storage solution was installed, in the other completely refurbished property a parcelling was made into a 16-part power distribution system. The comparison should show which solution is the most energy-efficient.

The planning and construction of the project will take place from autumn 2015 to April 2016, a two-year demonstration phase will start in May 2016. The SWS Stadtwerke Speyer and GEWO provide logistics. NEDO provides the technology through its cooperation partners NTT Docomo, NTT Facilities and Hitachi.

The "Smart Community" project in Speyer was publicly presented during the "Week of the Environment" in June 2016 in the park of the Schloss Bellevue, Berlin. The centerpiece of the presentation at the event of the German Federal Foundation for the Environment was an expert forum entitled "Smart Technologies and Solutions for Climate Protection: The German-Japanese Environment and Energy Dialogue Forum and the Smart Community Project in Speyer".

Sources: NTT Facilities, newspaper for municipal business (editions August and September 2015).

Project time frame:

Phase I – Planing and Construction phase: from 17.09.2015 until 30.04.2016
Phase II – Demonstration phase: from 01.05.2016 until 30.04.2018

Project partner:


  • NEDO
  • NTT Docomo / NTT Facilities (on behalf of)

Organisation and implementation:

  • ECOS


  • EGS-plan



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Week of the Environment 2016

Die Woche der Umwelt aus der Vogelperspektive: Anlässlich der Veranstaltung wird sich der Park des Schlosses Bellevue in Berlin zwei Tage in eine Messezeltstadt verwandeln. (c) Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt - DBU

The Smart Community project in Speyer has also been selected as one of the projects presented at the Bellevue Palace in Berlin on 7th and 8th June 2016 at this year's "Environment Week". The core element is an expert forum on "Smart technologies and solutions for climate protection: the German-Japanese Environment and Energy Dialogue Forum and the Smart Community Project in Speyer" on Wednesday 8 June 2016 from 13:00 to 14:00.