IHK Company Pool DUG

Environmental and geotechnical engineering are also in Japan growth markets of the future, in which foreign companies are more and more present – yet we have only a few German manufacturers!

The Japanese market is too far away and difficult to handle especially for small and medium enterprises. The right strategy and support of market access as well as a lack of an important local presence in Japan is a common problem.

For many Japanese companies avoid the long trip to Germany - even if it's only about gathering information by fax, email or phone - because they're concerned they can not get the information in Japanese. Therefore a contact address and a person functioning as the "face" in Japan is an important foundation for market development.

The Company Pool "DUG" which has been jointly established by ECOS CONSULT in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce GmbH, Düsseldorf Chamber of Commerce and the Osnabrück in Tokyo now offers a cost-effective presence and expert assistance for small business:

  • Access to business contacts
  • Support and advancement of contract negotiations and approval process
  • Organization of trade fairs and participation in business contact forums
  • Ensuring the sustainability of engagements in Japan
  • Excellent image of the company pools in Japanese business circles
  • Synergies for the company by sharing the cost of a representative office
  • Support for SMEs by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

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