Webinar: Clean Coal Technologies in Japan, 2019

Japan is considered the world leader in high-efficiency low-emission (HELE) technologies. The Japanese coal-fired power plant fleet is rated as one of the world´s most efficient. Nevertheless, around 20% of Japan´s greenhouse gas emissions are caused by coal-fired power generation. Given the fact that Japan seeks to further expand coal-fired capacity, reducing emissions from coal-firing must be a top priority.

As preparation for the next German-Japanese Energy and Environmental Dialogue Forum ECOS provided a webinar on the topic of Clean Coal Technologies in Japan on June 5, 2019.

The webinar on

"Clean Coal Technologies in Japan (CCT) – Political Strategies and Current Projects"

informed on

  • The status quo and official planning for coal-fired power plants in Japan
  • The technology road map for introduction of Clean Coal Technologies including HELE (high efficiency, low emission) technologies as well as CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage) and CCU (Carbon Capture & Use) technologies in Japan
  • Current domestic and international CCT demonstration projects


Peter Beck, Managing Director of ECOS Consult, and
Johanna Schilling, Senior Project Manager at ECOS Consult


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