Online Seminar - Germany`s energy transition

Missing links for a successful implementation of 100% Renewables


What opportunities does the German market for energy storage and hydrogen technologies offer to Japanese companies and how can they benefit from Thuringia’s unique ecosystem?

Webinar,01.03.2022, 8:30-11:00 CET/16:30 -19:00 JST

The State Development Corporation (LEG) of Thuringia is offering a series of free investment webinars aimed at Japanese companies and institutions who are interested in the latest technology trends from Europe's most central industrial location. After semiconductors/IoT and Life Sciences/Medical Technology, the third episode will focus on key technologies for a successful “Energiewende”: Volatile power load management, next-generation batteries, grid forecasts, hydrogen technologies and infrastructure such as compact H2 Supply systems for decentral applications.  

The online seminar gave insights into the market potential and showed the essential first steps and possible support for a successful investment.

For more information for the seminar please visit the Thuringia website!


Supported by: JETRO (Japan External Trade Organisation)