Importance and Advantages of Interim Management for Strategic Business Development in Japan

When it comes to interim management, many people think of crisis management or corporate restructuring. However, the temporary takeover of business activities by an experienced interim manager can be an interesting and cost-effective solution, especially in the phase of building up or expanding business in the Japanese market. Another reason for Interim Management is if companies are not satisfied with the development of the Japan business by their partner or the existing representation office in Japan and if they plan a strategic reorientation, including new staff and structural changes. Interim Management is also interesting for companies that want or need to be present on the Japanese market quickly, perhaps due to the rapid increase in demand. In order to enable immediate operation of the representative office, interim management can be a flexible, effective and cost-effective solution.

The webinar, targeted to small and medium-sized companies in the EU, will give information on:

  • Basic information on interim management solutions in comparison with other management forms with a special focus on the Japanese way of business
  • An insight into examples of real cases of using interim management solutions in the Japanese business environment
  • Practical advice and recommendations for implementing interim solutions


Date: 19.09.2023

Further Information

Organizer: EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation