Exhibition: Sustainable consumption in Germany

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Practical environmental protection: The exhibition "Sustainable consumption in Germany"

Germany is considered a role model in Japan in environmental protection. But what makes environmental protection so popular in Germany? And in which fields is it being implemented in everyday practice? For example, how can we work in an environmentally friendly way, play sports or go on vacation? What does "organic farming" actually mean? And what does it achieve when consumers drink Transfair tea?

The exhibition "Sustainable Consumption in Germany" provides generally understandable answers to these and other questions on 25 posters. It shows exciting innovations, explains visions and explains how we can live well today without depriving future generations of their livelihood.

ECOS designed the exhibition together with the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU). With the support of the German Federal Environment Ministry and the DBU, it was shown at various locations in Japan from July 20005 onwards, for example at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo or in Gumma Prefecture, north of Japan's capital.

The 25 posters in Japanese language can be requested from ECOS.