30 Years ECOS

ECOS celebrates 30-year anniversary

After its first steps as technology projector, ECOS has, since its founding in 1988, developed itself into a unique specialist for German-Japanese cooperation in environmental and energy engineering in Germany. More than 80 guests participated in the celebration of the anniversary.

Founder and Chief Executive Wilhelm Meemken thanked shareholders, employees and supporters and noted: “We, as ECOS, want to contribute towards a sustainable development of our society and our planet. German-Japanese cooperation plays an important role in the global challenges of climate protection. We want to contribute to uniting the competencies and innovative power of these leading industry nations to proceed together as pioneers.

DBU-Environmental-Awardee Prof. Peter Hennicke honored the success and especially the German-Japanese Energy Transition Council and as role model for outstanding bridge-building between Germany and Japan in his laudation.

Thirty years ago, Wilhelm Meemken, along with five partners, founded the “Society for Development and Consulting Osnabrück”. While focus in the beginning was on regional development and technology consulting, the business division Japan became increasingly important. ECOS initiated a regional economic cooperation between the cities Mühlheim-Essen-Oberhausen and the prefecture of Nagasaki, opened a shared office for environmental technology in Tokyo and established a number of bilateral event formats, proving themselves as a platform for German-Japanese information exchange on expert level and the initiation of co-operations: The German-Japanese Economic Forum on the Hannover Messe, the German-Japanese Environment- and Energy-Dialogue-Forum or the German-Japanese PIUS-Conferences.

"We would like to thank all guests who followed our appeal for donations on the occasion of the company anniversary. We have increased the amount to the round sum of 2000,00 EUR, which now benefits the projects of terre des hommes - Help for children in need."